Why take a test?

Living in an industrialised world our health is often challenged. Earlier in time infectious diseases was the leading cause of death. Today it is cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and other ilnesses that are linked to our diet and lifestyle.
Many scientific discoveries have shown in what way certain food effects our immune system and metabolism. One food healthy for some might be unhealthy for others and provoke infections and unpleasantness. The food that your organism consider to be alient is being attacked by your immune system the same way it attacks bacteria, viruses and parasites.
By modern diseases there is a chronic activation of the immune system and it causes a chronical infection or inflammation.

Hippocrates said “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food“. At Genarrayt Diagnostics Laboratory we can tell you which food are good for you and which are not. Our test is to be considered as a guideline and if it reveals intolerance or allergy it needs to be followed up by a diet to prevent your immune system from reacting negatively. Diet and counselling will be provided at Genarrayt Diagnostic Laboratory.

Taking a test at Genarrayt Diagnostics Laboratory

At Genarrayt Diagnostics Laboratory we offer a total solution package. We use blood testing, and if the test reveals allergy or intolerance we recommend an elimination- or rotation diet. In the elimination diet you eliminate the specific problematic food for 12 weeks or more. If you still have symptoms you are most likely still intolerant of the specific food and you should avoid it for at least 3 months. Then you should try to eat it again. If you do this twice and still react badly towards the specific food you should eliminate it for a year before trying to eat it again. A rotations diet prescribes that you do not eat food from the same genetic family twice within 4 days. If you for example have tomatoes on a monday, you should not eat it before the following friday again. A genuine rotation diet prescribes that the food is being grouped after taxonomic or genetic relation, so that you do not repeatedly stimulate your immune system with food from the same genetic family.

Following our diet plan is easy. At Genarrayt Diagnostics Laboratory we can test up to 221 food using a simple blood test. You will get the result after 2 days. Yor can start with a small test package report 60+ and then upgrade to a larger test package report 120 or report 220+. You can also choose a vegan or a vegetarian test. You will receive a detailed documentation of your results, your individual diagnose and a patient handbook that contains information about the test you have had taken.

If you wish to be tested at Genarrayt please contact us for an appointment in our laboratory in Copenhagen. The blood test can also be taken by your doctor, therapist or in your own home and thereafter sent to us for testing. We send you a blood collection kit with instructions to how you take the blood test yourself. After we recieve the kit you will have the result of your test in 2 days.

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